Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Berry berry interesting...

I have been at a dearth for titles. I feel...ashamed. I will do better. Don't beat me.

This is just a quick one.

Here is the first of many more blackberries to come!



Yum-alicious? What the h@ll is wrong with me?


Even though it's past 7:30 pm my time, I'm a gonna have me some cereal and blackberries!

There are a ton more on the bush, I should be getting about 5 to 6 times this amount very soon.

Oh!!! oh!!! I. HAVE. TOMATOES!!! Like a few dozen! I know, WTF? No blossom drop for me this time!!! Now, I will be doing something with those tomatoes that I have been wanting to do for many many many years. I will be blanching them and making homemade gravy!!! (Sauce for you none North Easters).

I will keep you updated!

Remember, as always, Green is Good!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Those blackberries look luscious! Nothing like home-grown. And congratulations on the tomatoes...that sauce is going to be yummy. Miss you guys!!