Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And just where have you been??

okay okay, I have been very lax in my blogging. WHAT-ever. Life gets in the way. 

So this is just a brief update, I will be doing another more extensive update later in the week. 

This update deals with my rain barrels. 

So the deal is this, my super creative idea for the crazy ass spigots, sucked. I ripped those leaking bad boys out and put in brass fittings. then smothered them in caulk.  

IMG_0001.jpg image by Javaman8263

Then the link between barrels that transfers overflow to the second barrel was originally PVC and proved to be quite ridged. If I had to adjust the barrels, I was dead. 
Sooooo, I got this little handy dandy connector and life was better.

IMG_0002.jpg image by Javaman8263

So now, if I need to move or repair any leaks or other issues, it's just a matter of unscrewing the connector, instead of swearing a blue streak at my stupidity. Which didn't happen...really. 

next up, raised gardens from old an old fence and after that, my home made composter which replaces my original fred flintstone versions. (yes, plural)

Remember, Green is Good!

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