Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why hole so big????

To answer a quick question regarding the water barrels and why I had to cut such large openings in them.

Basically, there are two types of used barrels that you will find. Ones that have screw off tops (thus usually handle dry type goods) and the ones I have (which have fixed lids that are melted onto the barrel)

Now the reason for the large holes. it goes like this: I bent my brain trying to figure out how to drill the spigot and overflow holes and then cap them from the inside. There is no way to do it other than cutting an opening in the lid. Since I'm 6'2"  and 190 pounds, I had to make the large so I could fit inside to cap the spigot hole at the bottom. 

Also, bug control. if you have water barrels or any standing water for that matter (especially in the summer) and don't want to take daily malaria pills (although gin and tonics will also work), you can get these little donut type deals from Home Desperate that hold a dormant bacteria that once activated, go after the mosquito larva like they were popcorn. I highly suggest them, that is unless you enjoy itching your skin till it bleeds. Everyone needs a hobby. ;) 

So there it is. If you have any other questions, please write, I do respond to questions, because I need something to continually boost my ego. :) 



Robj98168 said...

Hey dude- your holes are just fine. I have two of those fancy shmancy rain barrels and guess what the top has a hole big enough to shove my 30 pound pug into. Not that I put my pug in the rain barrels or anything like that but just to give a visual! Anyway they have fancy bug netting screen covers. Your holes are just fine! (did I just tell that dude he has a nice hole?)

e4 said...

For future reference - and this may or may not work, depending on the parts you're actually dealing with: