Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dog Gone It!


Suburban Guy is tired. Not from working too hard, but from lack of enough sleep.

Why, you ask?

Here's why...


Yeah, he's cute. But he's like 10% cute and 90% teeth. It's been a full time job to keep him from gnawing my fingers and toes off. You can just see the evil in his little eyes. Speaking of which, if you track his eyeline you will notice he's not looking at the lens, but at my fingers. "Mmmmm, food".

Oh yeah, right, the garden. Yeah, that.


Well, I'm just going to quickly update things then offer up some picts.

My onions and garlic? Due to the extended freezes we had this winter, they were greatly stunted. The onions looked more like chives and the garlic looked more like mini-onions. I can still use both. In an ironic twist of fate, the year before last, I planted 36 wedges and got 34 bulbs. And those lasted 6 months. Here comes the irony. So this past year, planted 76 wedges, hoping to grow enough to last all year long. Well, with the freeze, the stunted garlic will amount to about...6 months worth.

Next winter I will string X-mas lights through the bed to keep them warm. I will take pretty pretty pictures.

Boy, I'm so freakin' tired, even I'm bored with my writing. No spark, no wonder, no...pazazz. I swear I will make a better effort next time to make with the funny.

First, the effort to grow my own peach tree from a seed. The effort proved...fruitless. See what I did there? Clever, huh? (Hey, give me a break, I'm doing my best with the funny making!) It never sprouted, this year, I will try one more time,  if it craps out, I'll go the pre-grown kind.

And the mystery melons? they will remain a mystery. A freeze came in and they croaked. But I was able to cut them from the vine. And here's the necropsy, wait, that's for animals, can't be an autopsy, that's for humans. Hmmm, melonopsy?...

Fairly good size...

And the visual macabre'...

Any ideas?

If I only had another month...

Okay, here are the updates and the picts.


(there are seven more to-MAH-toe plants beside this one)

And now the Mini-To-MAH-toes...

(only one other than this one)

Zukes, Sage and Basil, oh my!


I have 4 summer squash plants as well, but they aren't really all that big yet, so I will spare you the garden-porn.

My grape vine survived the winter and is actually growing. Thought my fig tree bought it, but it's very much alive and kicking. And my lemon tree...well, it's still alive, but frankly, I'm not expecting lemons this year or the next. I have to figure out what the heck is going on with that freakin' thing!

My blackberry and blueberry bushes are back and are flowering...



So there it is, my humorless blog this week.

I leave you with this amazing amazing amazing video. Did I say it was amazing? This is a phenominal artist that combines, art, nature, engineering and pure brilliance. It's a truly inspiring video. Frankly, this video is filled with clever beauty. Enjoy!

Remember, Green is Good!


Rob McKim said...

From the way those green things look I'll say they are feral Zucchini. Some my best squash came from compost pile volunteer plants.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wave sculpture video! It's just incredible.

Do you think Paulie is biting your toes because he's a puppy -- or has he also reverted to the wild state, like your zucchini? Cheer up, Bro. All those nasty planets in Aires at the moment (particularly, Mars) are doing a real number on those of us with the moon in Capricorn. hoo....

typehype said...

miss your blog!!!! are your plants dead??? let us know :0