Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, frankly, right here. No, not sitting continually in front of the computer...well, not much anyway.

I was doing stuff. Honestly. Hey! Don't give me that look!


It was a cold an miserable winter. I lost all kinds of things. Dead Dead Dead. The mystery mellons bought the farm.  never figured out just what they were. I'm going to go with Triffids.

Lost my aloe plant. (blush) Forgot to bring it in. And a few other odds and ends that shall go nameless.

But spring has sprung and I'm filled with vim and vinegar. What is vim anyway? You never hear people say, "get a load of that guy, he's full of vim!"

So what has been going on?

Well, aside from the colder than normal winter, a lot!

I have my spring planting in and it's already bursting out!

Sorry, no pics this week. Suburban Dweller is in the mists of acquiring a new photographic implement of death. I should have new and improved photos next week. So hang in there.

In the mean time, I put in 8 tomato plants, 2 cherry tomato plants, onions, basil, summer squash, zucchini and, for the first time, lima beans. A fav of Suburban Dwellers very Significant Other.

I replanted potatoes. So the great experiment begins again.

Lemon tree is still kicking, but still confusing to me. My grape vine is back but honestly, I don't know how. The fig tree just about croaked but that is coming back with a vengeance. The blackberry's are virtually bullet proof. "freeze? we don't feel no stinking freeze!" Blueberry is hanging in there. And just about all my flowers with the exception of a lantana have returned from the dead.

So, yes, I'm still alive and I have a few things up my sleeve for this season, so stay tuned.

Oh I do, have one photo...


This is Paulie. He's the latest addition to the Suburban Dweller's household.

He's a Rottweiler mystery mix. I was watering my plants last Friday out in front of the house, when this little guy strolled up. I thought he was my neighbor's, since he was whistling at him, but when I asked, "nope, not mine". He didn't want him either.

So I took him around back. He was filthy with fleas and just plain filthy.

Scrub scrub scrub wash wash wash. Clean Paulie.

I will give little updates on the bringing up of Paulie, the things he destroys, digs up and other wise pees on as he grows into his paws. :)

So, until next week...

Woof bark snarl, ruff, bark bark...

That's canine for...

Green is Good!


Sue Z Smith said...

Now I know Spring has sprung because I've your new blog post. What an upper.

And, Paulie. eeeeeeeee!!!!! I just love the name. What beautiful markings, too. He looks like Duffy as a puppy, except he's more of a dandy (now that you've scrubbed him -- poor thing). You saved him! He sooo cute.

Kristina said...

Super! I can't wait to what you have up your sleeve. And Paulie, what a sweet little thing. Little for now.