Thursday, March 18, 2010

My teeth are sad...

No really, they are. I have been going to the UT dental school in San Antonio for a while now getting some, shall we say, major work done. Well, there was a set back today and well, rather than protest, my teeth are just sad.

Okay, that was pathetically saccharine.

Anyway, what do my melodramatic teeth and my garden have to do with each other? I use my teeth to eat, that's what! Jeez. Yes, I'm cranky. LOL

So, after a long grueling day (12 hours, driving back and forth, experiencing complications) I'm home.

Since we have been experiencing ultra glorious weather these days, (74 high, in the 50's at night), this Suburban Dweller finds a nice respite in the garden. And after today, the garden was especially welcoming.

Things are happening.

Just 2 short weeks ago, I planted a whole mess o'stuff.

Tomatoes (tomata's to those folks from NY).These are of the heirloom variety. I know, how ultra green hip I am. (ugh)


(I rotated the pick, I swear it! photobucket just doesn't want to work with me today!!! grits teeth (ouch), shakes fist at sky)

Then the Cucumbers...


I built this neat little trellis for it. Chicken wire and green metal garden stakes. 3' x 3'

Can't beat those Beets...


(again the demon spawn also known as photobucket didn't want to work with me again)



These little buggers just shot up. They were already out of the ground after a couple of days!



Also known as potatoes ugly cousin. But boiled and flavored with some butter and salt, man, they are yummy.

And finally...

There was a movie with Steve Martin a few years back entitled, "My Blue Heaven", he plays a Henry Hill type character who is put into the witness protection program after turning states evidence against some of his mafia friends. He has a huge DA haircut (jet black) and a blue shark skin suit. He's relocated to San Diego. He sticks like a sore thumb. He has a very heavy NY accent. Anyway, in one scene, he's grocery shopping. As he peruses the produce, much to his dismay, he exclaims, "What?? You got no Arugula???"

I got's your Arugula, right here!


Lastly, someone wanted to see my garden. Here is a late day pic...


What I listed above; is what I have planted so far is in the garden in the background. In the small gardens, is what is wrapping up from the winter. Onions, Garlic, Lettuce, Spinach and Cabbage. The broccoli and cauliflower I have let go to seed. I explained why in a previous post.

The middle garden appears as if it has weeds in it.

austrian pea
(photobucket hates me)

No, no my friend, that's Austrian Pea. It's a nitrogen fixer for the soil. When that gets turned under and some fresh compost is added, that bed will be ready to go. That should be around mid April. Just in time for summer squash, pumpkin and a maybe a few other goodies.

After walking among the green, my teeth are surprisingly less sad. They still have issues, don't get me wrong, but they are, for the moment, relaxed.

So there it is, my vent for today! :)

Cheers and remember Green is Good!


Kimber said...

I hope your teeth come bounce back like your lemon tree and that they allow you to enjoy all the fruits of your labor (pun intended). I am so pleased to see everything doing so well. Your teeth may be sad, but your thumb is as green as your ambition! All the best in your growing endeavors. Love to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! But I'm guessing that if your teeth are sad, not growing any corn on the cob! (from Merle)